November 3, 2020

Chef tips for safe dining #3: keep showing (how) you care

Whether we like it or not, various concerns around safety while eating out or getting a take-away are part of the daily thought process for many, and this is not going to fade overnight. Our third set of chef tips for safe dining looks at ways to show and tell restaurant guests that safety is an automatic part of your daily operations. After all, we know very well that sharing is caring and seeing is believing.

The first and second chef tips for safe dining focused on the power of collective achievement as you engage and inspire your staff around safe dining. In addition to well-planned processes and tracking, there are certain gestures which put the safety of guests into focus.

It’s about showing your customers that safety is a shared concern while we all navigate through these peculiar times together.

Care for your customers

→     Treat customers as your guests whether they dine in or not. They miss you (and the old normal) too, so offer them opportunities to feel the spark of the restaurant even while eating your food as take-away. All guests still want to be part of your success and you can bet they are rooting for you.

→     Put extra (visible) effort into keeping all areas and surfaces clean. Your customers are worried about being safe, and they’ll be happy to see strong hygiene and food safety routines in practice.

→     Make it easy for your customers to contact you if they test positive for Covid-19 after visiting your facilities. Have a safety plan for how to respond, including your external communications plan. Similarly, if one of your team members test positive, react quickly with your own statement and be transparent. Open lines of communication are crucial if someone wants to reach out to you.

Safe take-away made easy and fun

→    If you are providing take-away for pickup or delivery, implement contactless pickup and payment wherever possible.

→    Tell your take-away customers about how you go about safety along the journey of a take-away meal. How does the process flow from taking orders to customers picking them up or opening the containers at home? This could be an assuring, but also uplifting or funny, self-narrated, self-filmed video for your social media channels. Have fun with it!

→    Consider limiting your takeaway menu only to items that travel well. Your customers will appreciate high quality meals that taste delicious and look good even after bouncing around on the back of a delivery vehicle - this will help you maintain your stellar reputation.

→    Get creative! Surprise your guests with something they might not expect from you as a delivery option. Make it a competition with your team to come up with new ideas for the takeaway offering. Suggest hashtags for your guests to use and post in their social media accounts and re-share these frequently. This helps all of us stay connected socially even when we’re distanced physically.

Let's find ways to stay connected socially even when we're distanced physically.

Adaptability is survival

The restaurant industry is facing an exponential rate of change due to Covid-19 and must adapt operations faster than ever in order to survive. However, we are all in the business of food service and hospitality – so let’s make the most of a challenging situation collectively!

Fredman is dedicated to developing products and services, such as Chefstein®, that combine food safety and hygiene with the thing you love most – good food! And together, we will survive.

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