Chefstein® Features

Chefstein platform

Say goodbye to pen and paper!

Chefstein® was built to ease your kitchen’s workflow. With an adaptable and user-friendly interface, Chefstein® allows you to efficiently digitize your manual kitchen tasks in three key areas of your kitchen operations: Food Waste, Hygiene, and Food Safety. And it lets you know when something needs attention.

With the Chefstein® dashboards you and your staff can easily view and manage your daily workflow. The dashboard shows a brief overview of your critical information:

  • checklists for daily tasks 
  • active alarms for the monitoring of your critical control points 
  • hygiene for your recent trends incleanliness. 
  • food waste data for your sustainability goals.

All your restaurant operations data and documents, such as your HACCP plan are accessible 24/7 from any web-enabled device – making pen and paper a thing of the past!  

Love food, hate waste?

Reducing food waste is now more important than ever. It is a means towards improved food security, lower greenhouse gas emissions, while relieving the pressure on water and land resources. In the food service industry, reducing food waste is essential for growing a sustainable business.

Chefstein® can help you track your food waste and monitor why and how food is being wasted – so you can make necessary adjustments to prevent it.

Our Perfect Kitchen Smart Scale fits beneath your existing waste bins to efficiently automate food waste management. It is wireless, portable and easy to install so that you can immediately start to monitor and analyze your food waste production in real-time.

With Chefstein® you can implement your food waste monitoring plan without drastically changing your operations.

Lean, clean hygiene!

Rock-solid hygiene routines are imperative for a smoothly running, spotless kitchen. Chefstein® can help your kitchen establish seamless hygiene practices to minimize food borne illnesses and other potential hazards at all your critical control points, keeping your staff and guests safe and your reputation intact.

In addition to enabling digital management of hygiene-related tasks, Chefstein® also integrates with our handheld digital probe, an ATP luminometer that measures the cleanliness of your kitchen surface areas in a less than 20 seconds, and uploads the data automatically to the Chefstein® platform.

Data reports can be easily accessed from your dashboard so you can see trends over time and ensure that your HACCP routines are working properly.

Safety for your staff – safety for your guests 

Food safety protocols are important for protecting your guests and staff, whether you are challenged by a global health pandemic, a foodborne illness or the realities of daily life in a fast-paced commercial kitchen. You need a plan and system in place that you can rely on.

With Chefstein® you can digitize, manage and assign food safety tasks making HACCP easy. Store, monitor and document your food safety measures and compare and analyze your data by kitchen location.

Our handheld Bluetooth temperature probes make it easy for your staff to monitor food temperatures in different kitchen processes including: receiving inspections, preparation temperatures, cooling processes and serving temperatures– so you can make necessary corrections quickly.

Remotely monitor your critical control points 24/7 so that you can have peace of mind, allowing you to focus on creating delicious food for your guests.

Want enhanced efficiency?  

Let us help you figure out how to run your kitchen with insight, information and knowledge while you focus on your passion, food.