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Introducing Chefstein® enhanced efficiency for your kitchen

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Chefstein® is a product created by Fredman Perfect Kitchen. All rights reserved, 2020.

How do you manage your kitchen in a post-corona world?

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Passion is imagination, curiosity, aspiration for perfection. It is the passion for food. 

Precision is crafting, tools, process, patience, the quest for perfection. It is the means to achieve your passion. 

Chefstein stands for Passion with Precision. The ability to focus on your passion while trusting the safety, security and sustainability of your craft and tools. 

Passion with Precision is the future of crafting the food service experience with a state-of-the-art solution.  

Chef cooking, visualization

Chefstein® is a service for the modern restaurant business that helps to make your kitchen even smarter. It lets you easily manage your essential operations and provides you with real-time knowledge and data. It’s a futureproof tool, regardless of whether you are working in the heat of the stoves, in the ambience of the dining room, or in the nerve center of a hospitality enterprise. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Chefstein® is a commercial kitchen service platform designed to let you focus fully on your passion. Work your magic, while staying confident things run smoothly in your kitchen. Ensure your ingredients are fresh, your crew is safe, your tools are primed and your mind is on your craft. Run your kitchen with enhanced passion and precision.

Enhanced passion

Chefstein® is a futureproof platform that adapts to the changing needs of your kitchen. It can be expanded to include different features, such as hygiene, workflow or food waste management. And updated to adapt to changing requirements or regulations. It is the holistic heart of your commercial kitchen. Now and far into the future.

Enhanced adaptability

Chefstein® scales perfectly from the needs of the single kitchen to the demands of the most complex organizations. It is a modular solution that can expand with the growing need for real-time relevant information and communication. It enhances your ability to manage, plan, develop and document your operations - both from a daily, as well as strategic perspective.

Enhanced scalability

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Passion with Precision