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Chefstein platform

Futureproof your kitchen with Chefstein®

Chefstein® by Fredman is a digital kitchen management solution for the modern food service business that makes your kitchen even smarter.

We designed it together with our industry partners and customers who were looking for better technology to create enhanced efficiency for their commercial kitchens.

Chefstein® brings kitchen management to your fingertips 24/7. With a user-friendly view from your desktop or mobile device, you can create a safe kitchen environment by closely monitoring your food temperatures, appliance thresholds and all your critical control points. Chefstein® allows you to integrate tools that increase food safety and hygiene as well as kitchen workflow and food waste – so you can efficiently digitize your kitchen and focus on the safety of your staff, guests and food. Contact us to learn what Chefstein® can do for you!

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Chefstein® features

”We have found Chefstein® easier to use than its previous incarnation, even though it has a wider array of functions. We are especially happy about having convenient access to all of the data needed for the health inspector in one place. Chefstein® is an indispensable part of everyday operations in our professional kitchen.”
Finlandia Hall’s Finlandia Restaurant offers memorable experiences to its customers. Their staff relies on Chefstein®.
"Chefstein® pitää sisällään todella hyödyllisiä toimintoja, jotka helpottavat keittiöammattilaistemme työarkea. Se on osoittautunut todella helppokäyttöiseksi ja se toimii täydellisesti." 
Meriturva on merenkulun turvallisuuskoulutuskeskus. Meriturvan keittiöammattilaisilla on käytössään Chefstein®.

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